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Durée avant fin de l'achat groupé :

Electric Motors Kit

Sold without battery

Caution limited series of 25 pieces!

<em> Bulk purchase price with 15% free shipping *

With 35TLCD controller 35 amps power> 2000 watt with lcd screen € 401.60 - € 341.36 15%
With 22TLCD controller 22 amps power> 1350 watt with lcd screen € 371.00 € 315.35 -15%
With 17TLCD controller 17 amps power> 800 watt with lcd screen € 319.00 - € 271.15 15%

KIT Composition:

- 1 Engine nine continent RH205cS the choice comes mounted on a double wall rim with anti-rotation washers

RH205S-180/280 Many couples, ideal for the practice of mountain biking.
RH205S-230/320 Always the couple, with a little more speed.
RH205S-280/380 Equipmilibre betweentorque and speed.
RH205S-330/420Very Fast With just enoughcoupleto enable him to climb some coasts.
RH205S-350/480Ultra fastPerfect for long distances to avoid the mountains.

Max speed = idle speed (rear wheel lifting) if 60V battery add 20 to 30%

- 1 freewheeling 7v 11/32 teeth (delivered already assembled)

- 1Brushless controller allowable voltage36V, 48V, 60Vones models 22A and 35AAnd 36V and 48Vto 17A

- 1accelerator handle

- 1LCD screen

- Power ON / OFF
- Speedometer,
- Unit and distance traveled,
- Charge level of the battery,
- Power level of'assistance,
- 5 levels of support,
- Cruise Control (cruse control)
- Programmable to operate with a 36V battery, 48V and 60V!

* Postage available only for metropolitan françe

Ebike Power allows you to benefit from a tariff exceptionalthrough the principle of joint procurement.

During a period of 9 days,25 peoplehave the opportunity to order a "rh205c engine kit nine continent without battery"to benefit from the offer.

To book your order a deposit of 25 € You will be asked.

If at the end of nine days

- the25 orders are reachedThe bulk purchase will be validated . Each client recevra the same day an email from Power Ebike indicating the procedure to follow.
- the25 orders are not metThe bulk purchase will be canceled . Allcustomers who paid a deposit will be refunded within a week.

CAUTION: To avoid delaying the bulk purchase, it requires each customer to thoroughly check his purchasing power before booking.

Each client will48 hto pay for his purchase from the main power-Site e-bike if this is not done, the deposit will not be refunded .

Upon validation of bulk orders, parcels will be delivered to the customer within an average 4 weeks.

All buyers will be regularly informed by the Power Ebike team on the progress of their orders.

Warning: This kit far exceeds the authorized power of 250W,

it is to be used only on private road.

* Valid for shipments in mainland France


vraiment merci de nous permettre d'équiper nos vélos avec des kits aussi puissants comme les votre, et surtout à ce tarif !!!

    Version 27.5 (650B)

    Bonjour, est-ce qu'une version 27.5" (650B) sera prévue pour un prochain achat groupé ? Je serai alors intéressé pour équiper le VTT de madame.

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      deposit rh205 booking engine kit

      deposit rh205 booking engine kit

      Book quickly your kit!Only 25 copies available.

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