electric bike conversion kits power-e-bike pros and cons.

    electric bike conversion kits power-e-bike pros and cons Hi, After purchasing several electric bike conversion kits with power-e-bike, I think I'm in a good position to tell you the pros and cons of the kits offered on the site power-e-bike.fr Advantages: the electric bike conversion kits power-ebike are compatible with 36v batteries 60v nominal (32 to 75.6v real) no DIY, [...]

    Winning coupons

    Your opinion interests us ! Possessor of an electric bike, share your experiences with the Internet and easily Winning coupons valid on the site power-e-bike.fr How? you simply write a few lines in connection with the assembly and use of your electric bike For examples (very full) on the blog by clicking on the following links: rh205 User Experience Engine Installation This [...]

    Transforming his personal bike electric bike

    Transforming his personal bike powerful electric bike with a Power-e-bike kit, is it complicated? If the proposed current prices are the most interesting of the French market, it is appropriate to question the ease to proceed with self assembly. Many of you has questions before making the purchase of the kit, but also when designing his electric bike. I'll try to answer [...]

    Nine Continent RH205 et Rockrider 6.3

    Nine Continent RH205 et Rockrider 6.3 2

    Nine Continent RH205 type C "s" and MTB Rockrider 6.3 Alain already had a Rockrider 6.3 on which was installed a Bafang motor 8FUN front. For several reasons (precarious traction on gravel, planetary nylon etc ...) Alain decided to change his bike with the aim of assembling a Nine Continent RH205 engine and Rockrider 6.3. In the following lines chronicle the installation will be found.

    choose electric bike Motor Kit

    Electric motor: choose equipment When it is desired to equip a motor electric bike kit, many questions arise and find all the answers is not easy: Internet is full of information scattered and sometimes contradictory. In the following lines we will condense some answers. electric bicycle motor kit to the front or the back? The question of the location of the electric motor is a [...]

    Electric bike ... What is this concept

    Want to know more about the concept of an electric bike? We answer all your questions! What is an electric bike or V.A.E? Marketed in France since 1995, Electrically Assisted Bicycle (V.A.E) is a bicycle with an electric motor which is located either at the pedal or on one of the wheels. The V.A.E is also powered by a battery to assist the user [...]


    The end of the metropolitan nightmare. The National Council for the Professional Cycle estimated 17,000 the number of electric bikes sold in 2008 for an average price of 1000 euros. A straw facing the 242,000 city bikes and 3.5 million small queens all categories purchased in 2007. Specialists recommend the electric bike seniors who regret their old look of [...]

    The electric bike kit, here's the solution

    Why wait so long to switch to electric bike For some time the idea of ​​going to work by bike, by beautiful weather kept running through my head. But then I live 15 km from my work with 300m of elevation gain in the morning ... the opposite would have been less of a problem! Hence the solution of an electric kit, or solutions as to say I should the choice is vast. front engine? back? direct drive? réducté?

    New electric bikes offered by auto manufacturers

    New electric bikes offered by auto manufacturers

    If the use of electric bicycles as means of urban transport, experiencing remarkable development, for environmental as well as economic reasons, the world of two wheels is, meanwhile, a new high potential market for carmakers, interested more and more eco-mobility concept. Citroen, BMW, Peugeot, Suzuki, Honda, ... These car manufacturers are well positioned in the market for VAE recent years. Today, […]

    ebike Green light for Power E-bike kit

    I have an electric assist bike bought the original starting in GREEN LIGHT with a modest lead battery for 300 euro, then deciding that I could best shot, I decided to buy a kit 8 × 8 RH205 with a controller 17A at Power e-bike, not having too many budget initially I was hanging 4 batteries 12v 12ah lead, connected in series (17kgs) and autonomy was [...]

    Engine Mounting Nine Continents RH205b on ATV

    Engine Mounting Nine Continents RH205b Power E-bike on a mountain bike Nakamura Example RH205b engine mounting bike Nakamura Cliff Intersport: Installation time = 40 minutes Number of people = 1 Difficulty = 6/10 This example considers only the installing the motor on the existing wheel bike. Other components are installed (controller, battery, accessories) to have an operational VAE! Necessary tools […]

    The electric bicycle, elect the brilliant idea of ​​the year!

    I'm thirty-five years, I did a lot of cycling all my childhood and my last mount was forgotten in the garage of a student girlfriend there about fifteen years. Lives for a year a neighborhood more pleasant, I wanted to get back. But besides being quiet, this neighborhood is mostly a good rolling hill. We take fresh downhill, but [...]

    Electric bike since power-e-bike kit

    My new electric bike video project TEST of this great bike! *** new video found on my phone !!! *** It wasn't that long ago, unfortunately, our electric bikes were stolen from us. if you are a power e-bike customer, you have certainly received a small email from the shop for a wanted notice. Besides, I am taking advantage of this space […]

    I set the electric bike because of health problems

    I set the electric bike because of health problemselectric bike 6.1

    Hello, Due to health problems, I went back to the bike. I started with a classic bike but I quickly realized that I could not force on the pedals. So I buy an electric bike used (to see what it give). I found an ISD 601 (250W, 36V 12Ah). After 6 months of use and 600km, I had the [...]

    Windings of motors rh205

    The rear motors 9C RH205 exist in different coils that determine the torque and speed, here's a summary: Windings of rh205 motors 6 X 10 = RH205S-180/280 max speed 35 km / h, torque 52 Nm 7 X 09 = RH205S-230/320 max 41 Km / h, torque 46 Nm 8 X 08 = RH205S-280/380 speed max 48 Km / h, torque 41 Nm 9 X 07 = RH205S-330/420 max speed 54 km / h, pair [...]

    Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

    Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

    Our selection of the best accessories for electric bike you want to convert your bike into an electric bike staff? You are looking for a reseller conversion kits? Power E-bike meets all your requirements and offers a wide range of electric bicycle accessories. Select the engine that matches you the most! To convert your bike into an electric bike staff, [...]

    Enjoy a series of purposes

    series for electric bicycle motors RH205B type "S" (click on the image to go directly to the promotion) comes mounted on double wall rims 26 or 28 inches with anti-rotation washers (freewheel optional) Max speed: from 24 to 58 km / h after winding. yarn length / thickness: 2/1 * 1.5Sqmm stator / magnet height: 27mm tight, net weight: 4.8 kg [...]

    The electric bicycle, an economical means of transportation?

    The electric bicycle, an economical means of transportation?

    Purchase price, energy consumption, maintenance costs ... The electric bike is an economical means on all fronts. Also, its use requires no insurance or driving license. VAE a purchase price The purchase price of an electric bike (VAE) is certainly higher than a traditional bike. However, this type of two wheels is much more convenient, comfortable and easy to handle. The […]

    electric bike e-Trek4900 nine continent

    Presentation of my electric bike e-Trek4900 In March 2014 I suffered a motorcycle accident, and took advantage of this event to turn the page but remaining true to 2 wheels. So I bought a mountain bike Trek 4900 2012, and started changing the bike with the following: Disc Shimano 202mm with automatic centering and BR-T615 tablets Shimano rear 180mm disc attached to the [...]

    Integration of an electric bike kit-power e-bike

    I opted for an electric bicycle kit hub motor because I used for 3 years another electric bike "home" with a rear hub motor, which I was fully satisfied (Vélotaf use, 15 kms per day in total ). Having "broken" my old Bafang motor (after 6000 kms anyway), or more precisely who broke free wheel to the engine, [...]

    The folding electric bike conversion kit rh205 power e-bike

    The folding electric bike conversion kit rh205 power e-bike

    I often rolled folding electric bike! For proof with no license and therefore no car I always went to work by bike! 6 kms to go and therefore 6km back! Simply I just 250m vertical drop to return ...

    Discovery of electric bicycle

    Come on I start, I have a 5.1 mtb décath home, I turned on an electric bike the first time thanks to a kit nine continent 6 × 10 I bought in Italy at the time not very expensive but with a original nine continent controller. I also bought a battery 36v 10ah li-ion gourd format via a Chinese website. (FYI delivery 5 weeks!) The performance [...]

    Conversion Electric ATV DH Vario Kaktus

    Just a few months ago I decided to get into the Electric Converting a mountain bike bicycle electric propulsion. After much reflection and comparison between the different engines available it turned out that the most suitable to my project was the Nine Continent RH205 which has a performance value great price. It remained to define the version. I desired [...]

    Metamorphosis of my electric bike Rockrider 6.3

    Metamorphosis of my electric bike Rockrider 6.3

    My electric bike Rockrider project: At 59 years, mountain biking requires a physical condition that is sometimes lacking, according to the commitment required and the type of course practiced. In my case, my playground was the hike on the weekend organized and marked routes of about 35 km with an average of 400 m of D + (often muddy hills, ...). Having suffered a herniated disc ago [...]

    Choice of battery electric bicycle

    The battery in your electric motor kit

    Every element of your operator set is important. The choice of battery electric bike that will be used for feeding your operator set is crucial because it is what will deliver the energy required for optimum operation of your installation. It will therefore be necessary to opt for quality components compatible with each other and to your expectations in terms [...]




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