electric bike conversion kits power-e-bike pros and cons

electric bike conversion kits power-e-bike pros and cons Hi, After purchasing several electric bike conversion kits with power-e-bike, I think I'm in a good position to tell you the pros and cons of the kits offered on the site power-e-bike.fr Advantages: the electric bike conversion kits power-ebike are compatible with 36v batteries 60v nominal (32 to 75.6v real) no DIY, [...]

Transforming his personal bike electric bike

Transforming his personal bike powerful electric bike with a Power-e-bike kit, is it complicated? If the proposed current prices are the most interesting of the French market, it is appropriate to question the ease to proceed with self assembly. Many of you has questions before making the purchase of the kit, but also when designing his electric bike. I'll try to answer [...]

Winning coupons

Your opinion interests us ! Possessor of an electric bike, share your experiences with the Internet and easily Winning coupons valid on the site power-e-bike.fr How? you simply write a few lines in connection with the assembly and use of your electric bike For examples (very full) on the blog by clicking on the following links: Motor installation rh205 experience [...]

Nine Continent RH205 et Rockrider 6.3

Nine Continent RH205 et Rockrider 6.3 2

Nine Continent RH205 type C "s" and MTB Rockrider 6.3 Alain already had a Rockrider 6.3 on which was installed a Bafang motor 8FUN front. For several reasons (precarious traction on gravel, planetary nylon etc ...) Alain decided to change his bike with the aim of assembling a Nine Continent RH205 engine and Rockrider 6.3. In the following lines chronicle the installation will be found.

choose electric bike Motor Kit

Electric motor: choose equipment When it is desired to equip a motor electric bike kit, many questions arise and find all the answers is not easy: Internet is full of information scattered and sometimes contradictory. In the following lines we will condense some answers. electric bicycle motor kit to the front or the back? The question of the location of the electric motor is a [...]

electric bicycle 29 inches

Mon nouveau projet de vélo électrique 29 pouces. vidéo TEST de ce super vélo !  il n’y a pas si longtemps de cela, on nous a malheureusement volé nos vélos électriques. si vous êtes client power e-bike, vous avez certainement reçu un petit mail de la part de la boutique pour avis de recherche .. d’ailleurs je profite de cet espace pour remercier chaleureusement le staff de […]

The battery for your electric bike kit-power e-bike for Dummies

voici ma petite contribution au blog, avec ce petit article intitulé = La batterie pour votre kit vélo électrique power-e-bike pour les nuls je pense que comme moi, vous avez dû vous demander au moment de votre achat chez power e-bike quelle serait la batterie idéal à acheter avec le kit vélo électrique power-e-bike? voilà ce que je peux vous dire la dessus : avant toute chose, il vous […]

electric bike motor hub or crank, what to choose?

electric bike motor hub or crank, what to choose?

The motor of an electric bicycle can be installed on the center of the front or rear wheel (hub) or between the pedals. The engine location determines in part the level of cycling performance. The electric bike hub motor front wheel hubs before the engines are the most used by the conversion kits. They are generally the cheapest but also the most simple to [...]

Test Controller 2000 watt brushless 40A

Search beta tester controller 2000w 48v 1

Thank you to the team for his confidence is the result of a first test of a future brushless controller 40a of power e bike. Tested with the following config: 9C 8 * 8 engine 2000 watt controller 40A, 20A Lipo 48v battery, discharge max 50A. overall impression. This works, this is a first important point. The boost compared to brushless power 22a-E-bike controller is not as rapid as I thought. But this […]

New electric bikes offered by auto manufacturers

New electric bikes offered by auto manufacturers

If the use of electric bicycles as means of urban transport, experiencing remarkable development, for environmental as well as economic reasons, the world of two wheels is, meanwhile, a new high potential market for carmakers, interested more and more eco-mobility concept. Citroen, BMW, Peugeot, Suzuki, Honda, ... These car manufacturers are well positioned in the market for VAE recent years. Today, […]

Electric Assist on handbikes

Présentation du projet d’Assistance électrique sur les handbikes Le cyclisme handisport existe en France depuis près de quarante ans en solo pour les handicapés physiques, et depuis une trentaine d’années en tandem pour les déficients visuels. À la fin des années 90, une pratique du cyclisme adaptée pour les personnes en fauteuil roulant apparaît : le handbike. Les personnes atteintes d’hémiplégie, les IMC peuvent également pratiquer l’activité en […]

Frequently Asked Questions: electric bike (VAE)

Frequently Asked Questions: electric bike (VAE)

What is the battery life? Under normal conditions, the battery of an electric bike at full load an average autonomy of 60 km. This certainly depends on the engine power, weight of the cyclist and cycling conditions of use. The autonomy of electric bicycle also depends on the quality of the battery. Is the electric bike heavier than a conventional bicycle? The weight of a [...]

Five advantages of electric bicycle

Five advantages of electric bicycle

The electric bicycle or power-assisted bicycle (VAE) is a bicycle equipped with a rechargeable battery and an auxiliary motor. The electric assistance just multiply the energy produced by pedaling, giving the rider comfort and ease of movement. Suitable for various types of terrain, the VAE is very popular as means of daily transport. In town, the VAE is faster than other means of transport in [...]

The electric bicycle, an economical means of transportation?

The electric bicycle, an economical means of transportation?

Purchase price, energy consumption, maintenance costs ... The electric bike is an economical means on all fronts. Also, its use requires no insurance or driving license. Purchase price of VAE The purchase price of an electric bike (VAE) is certainly higher than a traditional bike. However, this type of two wheels is much more convenient, comfortable and easy to handle. The […]

The electric bike, a means of ecological transportation and beneficial to health

The electric bike, a means of ecological transportation and beneficial to health

Comfortable, convenient and swift, the electric bike (VAE) or electric bike is a means of urban transport, ideal to go to work every day, or to walk into town through physical activity gently. Easy to handle, the electric bike offers the rider pedaling comfort and ease of movement on different topographies. Also, the electric bicycle is considered ecological and [...]

The bike VAE electrical assistance, "a bike for lazy"?

Le vélo à assistance électrique VAE, "un vélo pour paresseux" ?

Invented in the 1930s, the electric bike or VAE is a bicycle with a rechargeable battery and an electric motor. For this type of bike, the rider must keep pedaling his bicycle to advance, without it requires great physical effort. The electric bike is faster than a conventional bicycle and its maximum speed can reach 25 kilometers per heure.Il allows [...]

Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

Our selection of the best accessories for electric bike Want to convert your own bike into an electric bike? You are looking for a reseller conversion kits? Power E-bike meets all your requirements and offers a wide range of electric bicycle accessories. Choose the engine that suits you the most! To convert your own bike into an electric bike, [...]

Electric bike ... What is this concept

Want to know more about the concept of an electric bike? We answer all your questions! What is an electric bike or V.A.E? Marketed in France since 1995, Electrically Assisted Bicycle (V.A.E) is a bicycle with an electric motor which is located either at the pedal or on one of the wheels. The V.A.E is also powered by a battery to assist the user [...]

Tips for maintaining your electric bike battery

Tips for maintaining your electric bike battery

Tips for maintaining your battery electric bicycle in winter Battery Maintenance of an electric bike (VAE) in winter for a new bike, electric bike battery must undergo on average 2 to 3 full charge-discharge cycles and in order to take full advantage of its capacity. In fact, avoid any sudden and deep discharge as this can cause irreversible damage [...]

How to maintain its electric bike?

How to maintain its electric bike?

Electric bikes are reliable machines and do not require too much maintenance. Indeed, simply follow a few simple rules to guard your bike looking new. If you have some knowledge of yourself, it will be easy to maintain the Electric Bike. This maintenance involves 3 steps: Maintain the electrical part for every 500 kilometers it must do some checking: The sensor [...]

Integration of an electric bike kit-power e-bike

I opted for an electric bicycle kit hub motor because I used for 3 years another electric bike "home" with a rear hub motor, which I was fully satisfied (Vélotaf use, 15 kms per day in total ). Having "broken" my old Bafang motor (after 6000 kms anyway), or more precisely who broke free wheel to the engine, [...]

My first hike in electric ATV

Thank you for your positive assessment of my previous article! I following complete a return on my first electric ATV riding the W-E and some pictures of my editing. Best regards and congratulations on your seriously. http://www.power-e-bike.fr/blog/metamorphose-de-mon-rockrider-6-3/ The first part of my article concerned the proper mounting kit on my electric ATV my Rockrider 6.3. In this second post, I shared my feeling hot, a [...]

Metamorphosis of my electric bike Rockrider 6.3

Metamorphosis of my electric bike Rockrider 6.3

My electric bike Rockrider project: At 59 years, mountain biking requires a physical condition that is sometimes lacking, according to the commitment required and the type of course practiced. In my case, my playground was the hike on the weekend organized and marked routes of about 35 km with an average of 400 m of D + (often muddy hills, ...). Having suffered a herniated disc ago [...]

Conversion Electric ATV DH Vario Kaktus

Just a few months ago I decided to get into the Electric Converting an ATV electric powered bike. After much reflection and comparison between the different engines available it turned out that the most suitable to my project was the Nine Continent RH205 which has a performance value great price. It remained to define the version. I desired [...]

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electric bike e-Trek4900 nine continent

Presentation of my electric bike e-Trek4900 In March 2014 I suffered a motorcycle accident, and took advantage of this event to turn the page but remaining true to 2 wheels. So I bought a mountain bike Trek 4900 2012, and started changing the bike with the following: Disc Shimano 202mm with automatic centering and BR-T615 tablets Shimano rear 180mm disc attached to the [...]

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