Winning couponsWinning coupons

Your opinion interests us ! Owners of an electric bike, share your experiences with internet users and easily earn discount vouchers to be used on the site. just write a few lines related to the mounting and the use of your bike

Truth on electric bike

Truth on electric bikeTruth on electric bike

Bike conversion: between preconceived ideas and real information Electric bikes are taking over our streets and are now occupying more and more space in our daily journeys. Before converting a classic bike into an electric bike, you must put the


The end of the metropolitan nightmare. The National Council of Cycle Professions estimates at 17,000 the number of electric bikes sold in 2008, for an average price of 1,000 euros. A straw in front of the 242,000 city bikes and the 3.5 million

Meeting with SamMeeting with Sam

It was during a dinner with friends that I met a strange character. A marginal, that we will call SAM, come from the countries of the North, follower of the preservation of the planet to the extreme. In short !!!! Not my thing. However, this guy

My first hike in electric ATVMy first hike in electric ATV

Thank you for your positive appreciation of my previous article! I complete it below with a review of my first electric mountain bike tour of this W-E and some photos of my editing. Regards and congratulations on your seriousness. The first part of my article