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Electric motor: choose equipment

When it is desired to equip a motor electric bike kit, many questions arise and find all the answers is not easy: Internet is full of information scattered and sometimes contradictory. In the following lines we will condense some answers.

electric bicycle motor kit to the front or the back?

The question of the location of the electric motor is one of the first questions we ask. Generally electric motors at the front are less powerful, used to light the audience and / or reduced in size such as a folding that can be easily transported on the train or the elevator.
A rear electric motor kit will have more power, torque, for specialized bikes on long trips or very hilly roads.
Here are some answers:
  • an electric bike kit before engine will power <500W
    • + Easier to install (no chain, freewheel)
    • + Storage of the transmission system (it does not change the freewheel or cassette)
    • + 2WD considering that the cyclist pedals: interesting on snow or mud
    • - be improved traction on gravel, sand (patina is)
    • - Limited power
    • - proper locking of the imperative wheel torques provide arms electric bike
  • a rear electric motor for power> 500W
    • + Highest potential performance
    • + More enjoyable driving (the nose gear is better placed)
    • + Upper motor
    • + Facility Security
    • - install a little less easy
    • - freewheel change
    • - potentially painful in case of puncture (but can be equipped with good tires)

Why motors for electric bike Nine Continent seem a bit heavy?

The rear engines are type Nine Continents RH205S: they are direct drive motors without reduction system. In consideration of the weight higher than a réducté, the main advantage of this type of engine is to accept high power, up to 3000W without modification!
The engine can be easily opened and some fans took the opportunity to break through the flange and increase the cooling required by very high power. This type of motor is little known in Europe but it is most popular in North America due to its ability to absorb high powers without flinching. This type of engine, modified, won the famous race Pike&rsquo;s Peak.
A motor RH205S open after 10000km: inside is super clean, like new. Note that the engine simply opens after removing screws 9:
In turn, a 8FUN type réducté engine is light ... Because he has a gear system rather fragile nylon: the engine will not agree to operate at 1000W very long without worries: the probability of destroying nylon parts is 100%.
Note also that many models of 8FUN engines are almost impossible to open (even with the specific tool): this is somewhat the Chinese spirit of disposable cheap, not provided for maintenance or repair. These are very small engines known in the European market or the oil lobby has managed to impose a legal power of 250W, suitable for a folding but unusable for people looking for a real alternative to the vehicle ... The end of oil fuel!
A 8FUN engine (difficult) open: all bathed in a dark and smelly grease:
Despite the fat planets do not survive a power of 1300W (which purr 9C!):

And cranksets engines?

These engines are beautiful pieces of technology and settle in the bottom bracket. This will provide bikes (very expensive) less in the spirit "scooter" and in the spirit bike Assistance (the choice of a cyclist who wishes to continue pedaling): one or more sensors are managing assistance ensuring that the rider pedal and modulate the assistance according to his effort. These beautiful mechanical parts are expensive, are complex and involve the transmission constraint of the bicycle (chain, cassette).
See also our article on engine cranks.
Why are the Chinese engines inexpensive?
Given some exorbitant prices here and there for some integrated electric bikes, low prices Nine Continents electric motors for electric bicycles distributed by Power E-Bike little disconcerting that the potential buyer will ask the question of quality.
If it's cheap, it's that it's not good, is not it?
It's not just that, we will see below.
China is the largest provider of electric motors for bicycles, the most commonly used motors originate. In 2010 China had 200 million electric bikes and the production is in the order of 10 million per year.
Les chinois ont besoin de moteurs fiables, de puissances variables (pour les petits vélos pliants jusqu’à des tricycles de livraison) et aussi peu onéreux. En plus du marché intérieur, la Chine approvisionne aussi l’Europe et les états unis. En ayant une production de moteur qui se compte en dizaine de millions chaque année, les économies d’échelle sont très importantes et le tarif de ces moteurs est hyper compétitif : destinés initialement au marché local, rendu sur le marché international le tarif parait dérisoire à l’aune occidentale.
En Europe, les moteurs de type 8FUN Bafang de puissance modérée et européanisée (<250W) sont très représentés dans les produits intégrés ou les kits « légaux ». En Amérique du Nord c’est plutôt le Nine Continents qui est le roi du marché grâce à son tarif, sa fiabilité et sa capacité à encaisser des puissances élevées : la législation est moins contraignante !
In (almost) all cases these Chinese engines are type hub motors, ie integrated in the wheel, allowing easy installation on nearly all types of bikes, even more specific such as small bikes folding, recumbent bikes, trikes, cargo bikes ...

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