Metamorphosis of my electric bike Rockrider 6.3

Metamorphosis of my electric bike Rockrider 6.3

Metamorphosis of my electric bike Rockrider 6.3

My electric bike Rockrider project:
At 59 years, mountain biking requires a physical condition that is sometimes lacking, according to the commitment required and the type of route practiced. In my case, my playground was the hike on the weekend organized and marked routes of about 35 km with an average of 400 m of D + (often muddy hills, ...).

Having suffered a herniated disc 2 years ago with 1 month of wheelchair, I am regularly forced to cross the most physical walk down passages and cardio stays too ... in red. where frustration and exhaustion key because the body does not follow the technical level.
In my case, the options are either to reduce stress by opting for the course more "family" (max. 25 km) at low altitude or pass power Mtb ...

The choice of the transition to electric bike often faces a psychological barrier (the bike of "lazy" or "cheaters" we hear regularly from the "purists" ... usually young and full fitness ... ) and has doubts about the effectiveness of these bikes, especially off-road.

Wishing to keep my Rockrider in a configuration best respecting his mountain bike status, without turning it into "pseudo-moped ', I turned to a RH205 kit in its version" torquey "(180/280), the speed is not a criterion for me in regard to the ability of crossing ....

Mounting :
Once the approved conversion kit (timely delivery), the complete assembly asked me a short day, having at heart to make a "clean" installation without a connection to the "spaghetti" as seen on the Net ...
The drive wheel is inserted as a rear triangle Gent in RR 6.3 (the rim was first floor of a Nobby Nick Schwalbe 2.10 in swollen with a puncture chamber 3 bars for a good transmission of torque ground).
For the freewheel, I opted for the DNP 11-32, ATV requires wheel 11 teeth
I entrusted the power supply has a battery dy like "frog" (the narrow RR 6.3 prevents the placement of a battery like "bottle" or "trapeze" has the triangle, for lack of space ...). There remained the option rack (too ugly ...) and backpack (dangerous and uncomfortable).

batterie 36 volts frogDSCF3218 (10)

Frog the battery provides electric bicycle advantage of aesthetics, functionality (removable with locking and contact key, carter incorporated for shelter of the controller 17A are housed behind the seat tube at most near the center of gravity). I chose a model 36V 10Ah and weighing 3.5 kg.
For connectivity, I had to replace the controller Anderson taken by two cylindrical plugs compatible with the connection side battery.
The other wires were easily connected with the help of the illustrated tutorial. that I could not adapt as is on my bike: the rotor inserted on the square axis of the crankset blocked when the left crank was tightened (not enough space between the case and the crank body ... consequence: destruction of small plastic teeth ensuring the rotor drive by the square axis).
Upon reflection, the best solution proved to be the cutting of a "patch" in the center of the rotor NOT do for the center of the body crank, without coming into contact with the pedals. Problem: how to fasten said rotor and solidly crank? to obtain attachment points, I used a right crank (scheduled for side "trays" and cleared of plates by retaining only the cross, the left free for anchoring holes to the rotor by means of collar Colson tight).

This assembly, albeit a bit "handyman", is very reliable in TT ...
For the rest of the connector, RAS, LCD and switch 3 OK ratios.
For completeness, the electrical MTB is equipped with a single plate transmission Narrow-wide type Raceface in 30 teeth for a good performance of system, a SRAM X7 derailleur medium cage. The front tire is inflated Maxxis Medusa 1.80 was 2.7 bars.
The whole is braked by hydraulic Shimano 180 mm disc at the front and 160 mm behind.

En route ... or rather "on the way" ...:monbike

charged battery (5h), ignition on ... lit LCD ... Everything is nickel.
For my first laps in Electric bike ... the (very) good surprise ... .I instinctively turned around to see who pushes me in the back ... person ... or if the RH205!
Acceleration is straightforward but progressive, the engine of a near silence: awesome!
I no longer, steering my favorite singles or ... I train very often, short breath or stranded calves ...
Miracle, ca happening everywhere with a very intuitive use of the right support when you need: a pure pleasure.
This bike is not going faster, but it happens all that was blocking me and I am in search for the most hard passages to surprise myself: we forget the fact that our legs were a significant boost ... .

Conclusion :

The fun is invited or where the galley was often to go, the pleasure of driving and good lines has taken over the frustration of "not there ...." Or finish in soup with 3 hour nap is the key to recover ... It's all good!
Also, my new electric bike is very balanced in terms of mass (no untimely squat) and stable downhill fast (we "jump" easily small trunks lying across track ...) Assistance via the PAS is nickel pedaling as much ... but with legs of 20 years ...
I am amazed by this assembly and ATV spirit that has kept intact.

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