Transforming his personal bike electric bike

Transforming his personal bike powerful electric bike with a Power-e-bike kit, is it complicated? If the proposed current prices are the most interesting of the French market, it is appropriate to question the ease to proceed with self assembly. Many of you has questions before making the purchase of the kit, but also when designing his electric bike. I'll try to answer [...]

My first hike in electric ATV

Thank you for your positive assessment of my previous article! I following complete a return on my first electric ATV riding the W-E and some pictures of my editing. Best regards and congratulations on your seriously. The first part of my article concerned the proper mounting kit on my electric ATV my Rockrider 6.3. In this second post, I shared my feeling hot, a [...]

Conversion Electric ATV DH Vario Kaktus

Just a few months ago I decided to get into the Electric Converting an ATV electric powered bike. After much reflection and comparison between the different engines available it turned out that the most suitable to my project was the Nine Continent RH205 which has a performance value great price. It remained to define the version. I desired [...]

electric bike e-Trek4900 nine continent

Presentation of my electric bike e-Trek4900 In March 2014 I suffered a motorcycle accident, and took advantage of this event to turn the page but remaining true to 2 wheels. So I bought a mountain bike Trek 4900 2012, and started changing the bike with the following: Disc Shimano 202mm with automatic centering and BR-T615 tablets Shimano rear 180mm disc attached to the [...]

Nine Continent RH205 et Rockrider 6.3 2

Nine Continent RH205 et Rockrider 6.3

Nine Continent RH205 type C "s" and MTB Rockrider 6.3 Alain already had a Rockrider 6.3 on which was installed a Bafang motor 8FUN front. For several reasons (precarious traction on gravel, planetary nylon etc ...) Alain decided to change his bike with the aim of assembling a Nine Continent RH205 engine and Rockrider 6.3. In the following lines chronicle the installation will be found.

Engine Mounting Nine Continents RH205b on ATV

Engine Mounting Nine Continents RH205b Power E-bike on a mountain bike Nakamura Example Motor mounting RH205b on bike Nakamura Cliff Intersport: Installation time = 40 minutes Number of people = 1 Difficulty = 6/10 This example considers only the installing the motor on the existing wheel bike. Other components are installed (controller, battery, accessories) to have an operational VAE! [...]

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