Engine Mounting Nine Continents RH205b on ATV


Engine Mounting Nine Continents RH205b Power E-bike on a mountain bike Nakamura

Example Motor mounting RH205b on bike Nakamura Cliff d’Intersport :


  • Assembly time = 40 mins
  • Number of people = 1
  • Difficulty level = 6/10

This example only considers the installation of the drive wheel on the existing bike. Other components are to be installed (controller, battery, accessories) in order to have an operational VAE!

Necessary tools

  • cutter
  • lime
  • wrench 24
  • tire lever
  • serflex (plastic collar)
  • optional: small screwdriver, hammer, needle

List of Operations

Turn the bicycle upside down by pressing on the saddle and the handlebars. Chock it if necessary!image004
Remove the rear wheel.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE
Remove the tire, the inner tubeimage008
Remove the rim tape ...image010
… And the disc brake. These components recovered from the old wheel will be installed on the new drive wheel.image011
Screw the freewheel onto the RH205S engine.
Reassemble the disc brake. Attention, on certain models of bicycle, it will be necessary to add washers to center the brake disc in its caliper.image016
Replace the rim tape, the inner tube and the tire on the motor wheel.image022
Present your new wheel on your bike and install the wheel. Be careful, this step requires a little attention. When installing the wheel, if necessary, lightly file the fork tips (to remove a little paint) so that the central axis of the motor is positioned without forcing.image024
Depending on the bike, the anti-rotation can be placed inside the frame or outside. This step is very important for proper functioning and safety. The engine is "chocked" by these washers, correct installation imperative!image026
If you need to place the washer inside the frame, you will have to remove the hall sensor connector to be able to turn it in the desired direction.image030
Once the wheel is in place, washers positioned, axis well at the bottom of the fork tips, you can tighten the bolts.image034
Using a flat head needle and a hammer, gently tap the anti-rotation washer so that the clamping leg is positioned in the fork tip.image038
The wheel is installed, adjust the derailleur Upper stop: H / Lower stop: LHigh stop - Tip : placer le dérailleur sur le petit pignon puis pousser avec le pouce le dérailleur en pédalant avec l’autre main.Le dérailleur doit pouvoir aller jusqu’au grand pignon sans dérailler. S’il ne se déplace pas suffisamment vers l’intérieur, il est difficile de passer le grand pignon. Il faut donc desserrer la vis H. S’il se déplace trop vers l’intérieur, la chaîne déraille. : il faut resserrer la vis H.Butée basse : placer le dérailleur sur le petit pignon. S’il ne se déplace pas suffisamment vers l’extérieur, il est difficile de passer le petit pignon. Il faut donc desserrer la vis L. S’il se déplace trop vers l’extérieur, la chaîne déraille : resserrer la vis L.image040
Now that the wheel is installed, you can turn the bike over and clean it up!image043
Fix the cable coming from the motor using Serflex. Route the cable along the frame to the controller. Position the cable "inside" the frame: if you place the bike against a wall or a tree, the frame rubs rather than the motor cable.image047
Attention: under the effect of the heavy weight, the spokes of the wheel can relax after a few kilometers: they will therefore be checked and if necessary re-screwed using a spoke wrench (a ¼ turn) L installation is complete !image046

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