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Engine kit reservation deposit rh205

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réglement sécurisé ki vélo électrique

Available on: dimanche, 3 juillet, 2022

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destocking Electric Motor Kit

Sold without battery

Attention limited series of 10 copies!

read the customer article, assembly of the power-e-bike kit

Special group purchase rate -25%-30%discount

Packages will be shipped from the factory, andshipped from our depot based in the south of France, no additional tax to be expected.

fast delivery offered!

after confirm

of your order

Fast delivery of your group purchase package 3-4 working days

-25.00%on rim 27.5 -30.00%
KIT 22TLCD36v,48v,60v1350 watts max€393.00 €294.75 275.10 €
KIT 17TLCD36v,48v,60v800 watts max€344.00 €258.68 240.80 €

ffree shipping (excluding fast delivery option) for shipments in metropolitan France

selling pricecannot be combined with other current promotions.

Composition of your KIT:

-1nine c engineRH205cS continent of your choice mounted on a 27.5 inch wheel:

the motors are all compatible up to 2000 watts, the choice of your accessory pack will determine the final power of your kit

jante offerteRH205S6x10180/280Lots of torque, ideal for mountain biking.

RH205S8x8280/380Balance between torque and speed.

RH205S9x7330/420Very Fast, with just enough torque to take it up some hills.

RH205S10x6350/480Ultra Fast, perfect for long distances, to be avoided in the mountains.

Max speed = empty speed (rear wheel raised), if 60V battery add 20 to 30%

- 1 freewheel7v 11/32 teeth (delivered already assembled)

1 accessory pack of your choice:

17 TLCDs, power 17 amps, from 600 to 800 watts*

22 TLCDs, power 22 amps, from 800 to 1350 watts*

* your kit will be scalable with 36 volt to 60 volt batteriesswithout any tinkering, real admissible voltage from 32 volts to 75.6 volts

Each accessory packwill include:

- 1 on-board computer:

Functions: - power ON/OFF - Speedometer, - total and partial distance travelled, - battery charge level, - assistance power level, - 5 assistance levels, - cruise control (cruse control), - configurable to work with your battery of choice: 36V, 48V and 60v

- 1Brushless Controller Permissible voltage36V, 48V, 60V

- 1accelerateur inch multi voltage

Group Purchase Principle:

During a chosen period,only 15 peoplewill have the possibility to order a "rh205c nine continent motor kit without battery"to take advantage of the offer.

In order to reserve your ordera deposityou will be asked.

At the end of the period:

- the10 orders are reached, group buying will be validated.

Each customer will receive an email from Power Ebike on the same date indicating the procedure to follow.

- the10 orders are not reached, group buying will be canceled.

Allcustomers who have paid a deposit will be refunded within one week.

PLEASE NOTE: In order not to delay the group purchase, each customer is asked to check his ability to purchase before booking.

Each customer will have48 hoursto pay for the purchase from the main power-e-bike site if this is not done, the deposit paid cannot be refunded .

Upon validation of grouped orders ,packages will be shipped to the customer according to the selected delay:

reduction -30% = 8 weeksfree express delivery

All buyers will be regularly informed by the Power Ebike team on the progress of their order.

Warning: This kit greatly exceeds the authorized power of 250W,

it is therefore to be used only on private roads.

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Engine kit reservation deposit rh205

Engine kit reservation deposit rh205

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