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LCD Quick Start Screen

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Functional specifications

Functional specifications

lcdDisplay Power by e-bike

1.Headlightstatus indication

2.Real-time power output ratio


4.The multi-function display area

Including:totaldistance (ODO), Tripdistance, Time

5.Speed: Current speed (MPH, KM / H)

6.Failurestate: motormistake, throttlemistake, controllermistake, brakemistake, cutoff

Assist and statuscruise(Choose to Implement)


8.Parameters set up

P1: wheeldia. (Inch), precision: 0.5

P2: Numberof magnets

P3:TeaContrast Settings, 3 is brightest, 1 is the darkest

P4: KM/ Mile conversion

P5:Voltageset: 24V, 36V, 48V

P6Sleeptime (minutes)

The Following data need to be in communication with controller

P7Maxspeed limited (Choose to Implement)

P8:Lobbyspeed mode:

0: coming from the hall controller communication hub

1: comingfrom the meter hall hub

2: motorhall (motor hall first)

Key introduction

Buttons respectivement selon the long and short

1.On / off

longpress, Open the LCD display (open the e-lock)opposite, closethe LCD display (close the E-lock)

2.Switch multi-function display area

shortspress, Switch multi-function display area

3.Assist display

Short press, assist+1

Short press, assist-1

4.Switch speed display

long press

5.Removal of total mileage

Longpress,Total mileage startedflashing, holdweuntinto 0

6.set / cancel cruise

Longpress, cruisestarted.opposite, cruisestoped.

7.on / off head light

Shortspress,we/ Off light set

long press+,enterthe Settings page

Wheeldia(inch),Magnets, TheLCD brightness

Under the Settingspage,shortspressgold, And chooseset.Ifsave, shouldslong press

AT.Short press, Switch set data

B.long press+, Exit set

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LCD Quick Start Screen

LCD Quick Start Screen

Quick start with the lcd

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