Choice of battery for electric bicycle - Power E-Bike

Each of your element motorisation kitimportant.

The choice of battery electric bike that will be used to power your operator set is critical because it is what will deliver the power required for optimum operation of your installation.

LiFePO4 Battery Pack

It will therefore be necessary to opt for quality components are compatible with each other and to your expectations in terms of performance.

Choosing and maintaining its battery falls under a number of essential technical knowledge, if many assemblies are bound to fail or malfunction.

So you will have to ask you:

- On the chemical constituents of your battery

- On the power required to operate thetarget = "_ blank" title = "motor" href="">engineand the <controller/ A>chosen with the desired autonomy

- Shape and weight depending on where you have the intention of positioning, etc.

You will need to consider, in addition:

- Maintenance thereof

- How it will be loaded and how often

- How to use and store the seasons, etc.

A poorly maintained battery can further meet balance issues and see their performance decline or generate insufficient power to run your kit.

We have chosen not to market ourselves batteries because you will understand, it takes a technicality that only a manufacturer can hold.

!!! WARNING !!!

It is essential to make sure the battery power that feeds your kit is sufficient.

Make imperatively with your vendor that the selected battery capacity and is suitable to feed your operator set as you configured it.

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