electrically assisted bicycle regulations - Power E-Bike

In this matter, the European Directive N ° 2002/24 / EC Concerning the approval of motor vehicles with two or three wheels, sets the criteria for an electric bike (VAE or VAE) can circulate onpublic highway.

The three following points should beings met:

  • The assistance should be done if the cyclist pedals, and cut to stop pedaling. However, it is allowed to set up as astrengthstart without using the pedal but do not exceed 6 km / h.
  • The assistancemust be cut to 25 km / h maximum
  • engine power does not exceed 250 watts

Note that in France, the European approval is not enough and a bike at assistanceelectric (VAE) Is subject to the same standards as cycleclassic and should particularly respect the decree 95-937on the prevention of risks arising from the use of bicyclesand the new standard EN 15194.

Important: most kits bike at assistanceelectric (VAE) Power-e-bike go well beyond the limit of the authorized strength.

Therefore we advise you to drive your future electric bike on a private road