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Our secure payment

The secure payment platform used on this website is BLUEPAID.

The process of payment used with Bluepaid is fully encrypted is protected on one side by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
et electronic payment banking software implemented by the service.

Therefore, the numbers of your credit card does not circulate on the Internet.

Bluepaid is the intermediary between the site and the client. so we did not know the number of your credit card.

Your banking information is not stored on our servers.
This is why we ask you to provide them with every purchase on our site

Bluepaid does not retain credit card numbers after transmitting the payment transaction to the merchant's bank. They only pass through its systems.

Thus, no one has access to the details of credit card purchasers.
How is the payment transaction on the Internet?

When the payment is due, the buyer passes the merchant's server to the BLUEPAID payment server which sends it over an encrypted payment page using the SSL protocol. This page appears in HTTPS (https: // is the merchant's name indicating that it is well referenced and authenticated by Bluepaid.

The buyer then enters the card number, end date of validity and security code and valid payment. Then follows an application (fully encrypted) servers of Visa, Mastercard or American Express networks through the banking network which is affiliated with the merchant. Previously, the credit card has passed a series of tests by Bluepaid, to rule out many of the potential fraud.

At the end ofe this check, the transaction is either accepted or rejected, in both cases an authorization number or refusal being sent.
If accepted, Bluepaid sent by email the payment receipt to the buyer and the merchant, the card number is never returned against the merchant.

The purchaser is then automatically redirected to the merchant's server