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Brushless Controller reconditioned

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- Eligible Voltage36V, 48V and60Von models 22A and 28AAnd 36V and 48Vto 17A

- Regeneration *
(Which can charge your battery every time you brake) and the cruise control(Cruise control) can turn on or off thanks to a simple plug placed at the controller output.
* Regeneration incompatible battery 60V in fashion
- All controllers are now compatible with the SAP
PDAL assyste system or pedaling sensor: adapts the power output of the engine to the speed of the pedals:
"I more quickly pedal, the more I have power"
- 3 speed management 30% 60% 100%:

- Improved power controller with new components:
Model 17A 36 / 48V 6 mosfets 75NF75
Model 22A 36/48 / 60V 9 mosfets75NF75
Model 28A 36/48 / 60V 12 mosfets75NF75

- New more powerful controller, replaces 28A 27A model
- Double socket accelerator to increase compatibility with different models.

- Anderson 45A output sockets
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Brushless Controller reconditioned

Brushless Controller reconditioned

Controllers power-e-bike range in very good condition.

This may be an exposure model or a model with a blemish or even a return customer who changed their minds about the power of his kit.

In all cases the unit is tested, is has a 6 month warranty.

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