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What is an electric bike or V.A.E?

Marketed in France since 1995, Electrically Assisted Bicycle (V.A.E) is a bicycle provided with a electric motor which is located either at the pedal or on one of the wheels. The V.A.E is also powered by a drums for assisting the user when pedal.

The exact name is V.A.E: Electrically Assisted Bicycle : son engine only starts in pedaling and stops when the user stops pedaling or when it reaches a speed of 25km / h.

Aiming to provide additional pedaling, the V.A.E is necessarily made up of:

  • Drums : Energy reserve that can assist the user when pedal. The battery ensures very substantial autonomy and its charger is supplied to power on the sector
  • electric motor : Which can be placed in the front wheel, the rear wheel or in the pedalboard, it may sometimes be transported by belt
  • pedaling sensor : For detecting the rotation of the crankset
  • Controller : Accessory which is based on the information sent by the pedaling sensor to send the current of the battery to the motor. This controller is integrated into the block of the battery and it is used to regulate the various components
  • Indicator, LCD screen or board computer : For supervising the remaining battery power

You should know that your Electrically Assisted Bicycle requires no registration card or insurance. Moreover, even the helmet is not mandatory but is strongly recommended.

For what distinguishes the electric bike ordinary bike?

Contrary to bicycles personnel, V.A.E facilitent les démarrages, les trajets face au vent et les ascensions. En effet, electric assistance ensures driving comfort and offers the user the impression of riding on a flat road which is not the case of a normal bike.

Moreover, the electrically assisted replaces all the efforts made by the user of a regular bike so that driving a V.A.E is far from tiring. In addition, drums charged guarantees autonomy from 20 70 km and this according bikes and trips to make.

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