The folding electric bike conversion kit rh205 power e-bike

The folding electric bike conversion kit rh205 power e-bike

The folding electric bike conversion kit rh205 power e-bike

I have often ridden a folding electric bike!

As proof of not having a driving license and therefore no car I always went to work by bike! 6 km outward and therefore 6 km return! I just have 250 m of elevation to come back ...

La Savoie et ses belles montagnes! Aussi, et pour optimiser mon sens de l’effort et avec la crise de la quarantaine, j’ai acquis sur internet un vélo électrique pliant de marque DAHON équipé d’un kit de conversion moteur TRANZ X de 250W sur moyeu avant et d’une belle batterie CRYSTALYTE en 36 volts pour 20 ampères heures d’occasion (150 charges)en 2012. Au bout de 70 kms sur le plat j’en avais encore sous la semelle! Mais les montées dont celle pour revenir chez moi; sévères (12% sur 800m !) éprouvaient à la fois la vitesse, le couple et la batterie.

One day I went to the mountains, 10 km climb at 8.9%, capping at 12 km / h! and back home with twenty kilometers.

Consequence… In the harbor at the bottom of the last hill at 12%! AIE Aie Aie!!! A patch of ice last winter sounded the death knell for my frame which split in two !!! So I changed everything !!!

Internet, search engine, powerful, reliable electric bicycle engine, conversion kit kit with controller, accelerator, regulator…

Verdict BIKE POWER E and engine Nine Continent rh205

With an unbeatable price and rated +++ on different forums; That's good, I still have a Specialized MTB frame and its fork + pedals in the cellar!

Good now for the same price I will offer myself the must!

I want speed, torque and autonomy, so I go through an acquaintance who told me the greatest good about the Nine Continent engine (electrical engineer who did the "Sun trip" for those who know.

I order a controller in 28A, a motor wound in 9 × 7 (my colleague has a spoked wheel with motor wound in 8 × 8 that I can exchange even if the guarantee no longer applies…) The order is placed and 3 days after I receive in a nikel package the kit.

Assembly of the conversion kit in 4 hours and test of the electric bike… it works!

I try on the ground; Have it peaks at 30km / h on the flat and I'm very disappointed on the climb?

2 things, I call the super responsive Power E Bike after-sales service which asks me if I have correctly installed the cruise control with the loop connector? No!

I execute the orders and there it changes everything! I only had 60% of the power available !!! With 100% I happily exceed 35km / h.

Unfortunately, (if you follow) my battery does not support the amperage of the controller, it has aged too much (date of 2009!) And 2 of the batteries are ready to explode !!

My battery is unstable and after 10 km I have no more power !!!

Change of battery and 48Volts and 15Ah later, I drive at 42km / h on the flat (Joss, my knowledge exchanged the wheel so now winding 8 × 8) and there I climb the wall despite the 30 kilograms at all bike (the weight of the wheel with engine, 11 kg of battery, fairly heavy frame) and my 85 kg, the saddlebags sometimes full of races do not change anything it is a treat in the climbs at more than 12% with accelerator blocked pressing lightly on the pedals; 26 km / h !!!

And to think that my folding bike brought me to 25 km / h on the flat big max!

big thanks to power-ebike for providing electric bike kits at such competitive prices!

strongly the batteries?

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