Riding an electric bike in winter

Riding an electric bike in winter

Riding an electric bike in winter

Electric bike ride in winter

There are multiple reasons for wanting to ride in VAE in winter. Some will do it for fun, others do not have the financial means to use a car, it will not have a driving license, etc ... Use your electric bike in winter is possible, but for this it remains pleasant is necessary to have specific equipment: certainly it will still have to spend some money, but the equipment is not necessarily expensive.

In this page, the electric bicycle will find some ideas. Personal aside: for personally experienced all the time in the south of France (off the snow and ice) I confirm that it is possible and even enjoyable!

Drums !

At the temperature lower, the internal resistance of the battery rises: in other words, the battery does not like the cold when you should use it ... But remember: cold store to avoid self-discharge, use warm!
If you can charge the battery in your home or in a place where the temperature is high, around 20 ° C. If you get the battery in the morning in the garage is not heated and the temperature is 5 ° C, you will notice a big difference in the autonomy and punch!
Landfills curves as a function of temperature are found on the internet and depend on battery technology, one will find more information by example on this site which is from the picture below. In this example there is a factor two between the discharge duration at -10 ° C and + 20 ° C:


Surely you must equip yourself, but do not forget your bike!
If you drive on roads that are salted against the snow so plan to clean the bike with soapy water several minutes after the ride to not be bothered by the effects of corrosion.
Engines such as RH205 are sealed and have a joint, it suffering a priori from rain and snow by double check against cable insulation (battery, controller, watt-meter) to avoid dysfunction.
If you must drive on snow and ice Scwhalbe offers Several types tires adapted as the model "Winter":


Lighting is very important for the VAE especially when driving at high speeds: the lighting parodies provided by vendors eventually allow to be seen a few meters. In our case it is necessary to powerfully illuminate the road to see where we put the tires.
There are many lighting solutions to all rates. One of the solutions tested by yours truly is that of the lamp base Cree XM-6 LT.
Sure eBay found this kind of model in the 20 €:
The housing is made of aluminum for dissipating heat (and air-cooled when the bicycle is moving, especially in winter). Combined with a battery case is made of two or four cells (which explains the price difference between both models): make sure you take a model with four cells (rated 6400mAh) that will allow greater autonomy.
A switch is located on the back of the housing:
  • in the switch is a small LED. When the lamp is energized the LED is dimly lit in blue and turn red when the battery is near a full discharge
  • switch lets you choose between different modes: 100% which can be seen two kilometers and allows to drive at 50km / h in seeing the floor, normal illuminating less violently and will be adapted to the city, and "weak "good enough to" be seen "!
En général le phare est vendu avec la batterie, un chargeur, des anneaux élastiques pour la fixation sur le guidon et parfois une fixation pour une utilisation en lampe frontale. Voila, pour 20€ on dispose d’une vraie solution d’éclairage. Les mauvais coucheurs parlerons de la mauvaise qualité chinoise et mettrons 120€ pour une lampe “de qualité”. Personnellement j’entame le second hiver avec la même solution : j’avais acheté une lampe en plus par sécurité mais je viens de la céder à un ami.

The motorcycle helmet

The helmet can seem oversized for VAE, but if you think about it, we realize that our horses lead us to more than 40km / h. The classic bike helmet has several drawbacks, such as lack of visor, ugliness (does it look like a Predator?) And no insulation from cold or rain.
A motorcycle helmet has many advantages:
  • the visor allows was not afraid all flying insects and other clouds
  • in winter, the visor protects the face and ears from the cold, the head is protected from rain
  • comfort is very high and one can ride two hours a day without pain, even if the headset weighs just over a kilo
  • the price 30 € for a Jet helmet is equivalent to a bicycle helmet price!
As we use the helmet on a bike, the helmet does not have to be certified as one can afford some fancy!

The sleeves!

The model presented Below is € 12.50: the sleeve allows not to have cold hands and protects from rain. Care must be taken at the beginning because it changes a little driving but with the motorcycle helmet it is both "finds" life changing in winter!

The rain on trouser

Decathlon country such equipment (a bit expensive) that protects from rain ... and also isolates a little cold. Note some sort of protection for shoes, not obvious to position however.
Cycle Clothing Bikes, Cycling - PANTS ON-BLACK RAIN 5 B'TWIN - cycling equipments

Cold feet

Many cyclists without assistance have cold feet: specific shoe does not leave large selection other than the on-shoe.
For those who do not need to pedal as much poking directly after skiing: be warm for peanuts!
It's warm, waterproof, very ugly and cheap (13 €) and it is Decathlon :
hiking shoes Ski, Snowboard, Nordic - Shoe WEASY QUECHUA - Equipment
Rest assured, it also comes in gray and "it goes" better!

Jackets etc ...

The ski facilities are comfortable to wear, especially if one uses the VAE in "scooter" mode, it is not obliged to keep sufficient mobility to pedal.
For jackets, choose a model whose pockets are horizontal closing: this allows to avoid dropping down the road that we put in it!
A muffler or hood is also very nice. We will not make a casting for a fashion show, it just goes biking in the cold: being properly equipped is possible and even enjoyable to ride in the cold!

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