The electric bicycle, an economical means of transportation?

The electric bicycle, an economical means of transportation?

The electric bicycle, an economical means of transportation?

Purchase price, energy consumption, maintenance costs, The ... electric bike is an economical means on all fronts. Also, its use requires no insurance or driving license.

d & rsquo price; purchase & rsquo; a VAE

The price of & rsquo; purchase & rsquo; a electric bike (VAE) is certainly higher than a traditional bike. However, this type of two wheels is much more convenient, comfortable and easy to handle. The electric bikeIt is also an investment in the long terme.Utilisé daily to go to work and around town, it allows you to make big savings on gasoline, car payment, insurance and maintenance, compared to a car.

Prices electric bikes vary by brand, style and quality. Some high-end VAE cost about € 3000. However, you can buy a electric bike quality with a budget including between 800 and 1800 €.

If you have a robust classic bike, you can always turn it into VAE by equipping a electric motor and a rechargeable battery. The purchase price of a engine kit electric bike between 200 and 300 euros. This battery is between 500 and 700 euros. Transforming your personal bike will cost you much cheaper than buying a new VAE.

d & rsquo energy consumption; a VAE

A electric bike consumes 8 times less energy than a scooter and 70 times less than a car. For a journey of 100 km, a VAE needs only 1 kWh.

Fully charging the electric bicycle battery costs about € 0,043. With an autonomy of 60 km, the cost of charging the battery is estimated at € 0.72 for a journey of 1000 km.

Cost & rsquo; d & rsquo maintenance; a VAE

To drive safely and ensure the optimal functioning of your electric bikeIt is advisable to review at least once or twice a year. When servicing, check for wear on brakes and tires. On average, the cost of reviewing a VAE is 35 €.

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