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Rear engine kit nine continent RH205c type "s" without battery

Composition of your KIT: - 1 RH205cS nine continent engine of your choice The motors are all compatible up to 2000 watts, the choice of your accessory pack will determine the final power of your kit - 1 freewheel 7v 11/32 teeth (livery already mounted) 1 Accessories Pack of your choice : Each accessory pack will include: - 1 on-board computer:...
Price €410.25

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Radius for electric bike

Opportunity Original spokes for wheel RH205 Length of spokes : 26 inches: 160 mm 27.5 inches: 172 mm 28 inches: 193 mm
Price €1.50
Product available with different options
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Battery for electric bike available only on order in delivery from factory.

Depending on the supplier, shipping times can vary from 5 to 15 days.

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