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Rear engine kit nine continent RH205c type "s" without battery

Composition of your KIT: - 1 RH205cS nine continent engine of your choice The motors are all compatible up to 2000 watts, the choice of your accessory pack will determine the final power of your kit - 1 freewheel 7v 11/32 teeth (livery already mounted) 1 Accessories Pack of your choice : Each accessory pack will include: - 1 on-board computer:...
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Sell your old electric bike equipment

You are a Power-e-Bike customer and want to resell your equipment or your V.A.E. that you no longer use? Our new section "CLASSIFIEDS" Here can help you with this. Indeed, you can very simply put on sale: -accessories, spare parts and kits originally purchased on our site -the assemblies and bicycles made with our products.
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RH112 28 inch mini rear motor kit

Mini Rear Engine Kit RH112 Geared with 28-inch double-walled rim Ideal to discover the practice of the V.A.E.Lightweight, comfortable and discreet, this kit will leave you the possibility not to put on the ignition and ride in "traditional bike" mode, no engine brake to compensate.
Price €324.80

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