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    Votre vélo électrique

    Con el kit de motor para bicicleta eléctrica rh112 nueve continente, transformar

    su propia bicicleta en una bicicleta eléctrica potente y único

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  • An electric bike can it change lives ?

    The cycling always allowed me to maintain good physical shape.Since I am retired, I regularly use my bike, mainly on outings lasting a minimum of one hour for a distance of at least 20 km. Secondarily, it serves me for my domestic travel in the scope of my agglomeration.

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  • Nine Continent RH205 and Rockrider 6.3

    alain already had a Rockrider 6.3 on which was installed a engine Bafang 8FUN front. Pour plusieurs raisons (motricité précaire sur les graviers, planétaires en nylon etc…) Alain a décidé de faire évoluer son vélo avec pour objectif d’assembler un moteur Nine Continent RH205 et Rockrider 6.3.

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  • Metamorphosis of my electric bike rockrider 6.3

    My electric bike project : TO 59 years, mountain biking requires a physical condition that is sometimes lacking, according to the commitment required and the type of course practiced. In my case, my playground was the hike on the weekend organized and signposted routes around 35 km with an average of 400

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