PoWer E-bike electric bike kit

The goal of our company is to allow you to transform your bike into a high-performance electric bike at the best price!

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Turning your personal bike into an electric bike

La batterie de votre kit de motorisation électrique

Choice of battery for electric bike

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Electric bike from power-e-bike kit

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Electric bikes made by our customers

The advantages of electric bike conversion kits from Power-e-bike.fr

Saving money

Electric bike conversion kits offer many advantages compared to pre-built electric bikes. They are cost-effective as they allow you to convert your existing bike into an electric bike, using your existing bike's components such as the frame, wheels, and other elements.

High power

Power-e-bike.fr's conversion kits have an unmatched power compared to market electric bikes, with high-quality motors capable of reaching high speeds and providing significant pedal assistance, allowing you to cover long distances with less effort.


Furthermore, Power-e-bike.fr's conversion kits are customizable. You have the choice between different types of motors and batteries, allowing you to select the components that best suit your needs and intended use.

Power-e-bike.fr's electric bike conversion kits are a cost-effective and powerful option to transform your existing bike into a customizable and easy to maintain electric bike. They are perfect for those looking to save money while enjoying the benefits of a high-performance electric bike.