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manual translated into French from manufacturer's documentation (google translate)

1. Operating voltage and connection mode
1.1 Operating voltage:DC24V 36V(Meter setting)
48V 52v 60v (according to customers' requirements to be customized)
2.2 Connection mode:
Standard connector line sequence:
Red line (D+) : Positive power
Black line (GND): negative power
Blue Line (DS): Electric door lock of the controller
Brown Line (DD+): Lighting control is positive (if the controller, software and
software and hardware support lighting control, no need to connect
this line)
Green line (RX) : receiving communication
Yellow line (TX) : send communication
White line (GND): Negative of lighting control
Extended functions: PWM assistance level control, independent external
speed sensor
3. Function:
3.1 Display function
Speed display, assist display, battery indicator, problem prompt,
Mileage, cumulative mileage, constant cruising speed, brake indicator,
Headlight display
3.2 Control and adjustment function
Power switch control, front light switch control, 6 km/h approach control,
Real-time cruise control, wheel diameter adjustment, 5-mode assistance
Setting、Highest speed setting、Automatic sleep time setting、Backlighting
brightness setting 、 starting mode 、 driving mode is set 、 power sensitivity
setting, dynamic disk type, voltage level setting, controller setting current
limit values
3.3 Communication protocol:UART
4. All content on the display screen
All content on the display screen (opened in one second)
Average speed、Maximum speed、AVG
Unit: MPH, KM/H
Speed has 4 ways to realize, according to the specific way, partial
way could compose.
1. Hall signal attaching the electric motor
2. The controller sends the Hall signal from the motor to the counter
3. hall signal at slow speed when the type runs in a circle.
4. The controller sends a slow Hall signal when the type runs a circle to the counter.
(Single Hall cycle, Unit: 1MS )
The counter could calculate the actual speed according to the data of the wheel
diameter and the signal data (the Hall of the electric motor should set the
magnetic steel quantities)
4.8 Set
P01:Brightness of the backlight lamp, level 1 is the darkest, level 3 is
the brightest;
P02:Unit mileage, 0: KM; 1: the MILE ;
P03:Voltage level: 24v, 36v, 48v, 36v, 52v 60v (default) ;
P04: sleep time: 0, means do not sleep; other numbers mean for
sleep time,
range: 1-60; Units of minutes;
P05 : assistance speed : 0, 3 modes : 1 lever 2 V, 2 lever 3 V, 3 lever 4 V ;
1, 5 Mode: 1 lever 2 V, 2 lever 2.5 V, 3 lever 3 V,
4 lever 3.5 V, 5 lever 4 V ;
P06:Wheel diameter: unit, inch; Accuracy: 0.1 ;
P07:Magnetic steel number of speed measurement: range: 1-100 ;
P08:Speed: the range from 0 to 50 km/h; the default value 50, 50 says no
the speed limit;
Note: when the speed is higher than the set speed, turn off the
pWM output; when the speed is lower than the set speed,
automatically open the PWM output, driving speed at the
current + 1 km/h ;
Digital based on km as reference here, after the set of units
of miles to miles, display the speed of the digital value is
automatically converted to correct miles, but the miles under the menu
the menu interface in the speed limit values set by the data conversion, the
conversion data, the MPH speed limit values are not consistent with the actual
with the actual display,
P09:Zero start, non-zero start setting, start 0:0; 1: the non-zero start ;
P10:Driving mode setting 0: power drive (decided how much
power output by power gear, at this time to transform the invalid).
1: electric (going to drive, the steering gear is invalid at this time).
2: electric drive and electric drive coexist (electric start state zero
is invalid).
P11:Power sensitivity setting range: 1-24 ;
P12:Assist start power setting range: 0-5 ;
P13:Power magnetic steel plate type 5 Sherwin grain of magnetic
three types of steel;
P14 : Controller for the current limit value to be set, 12 A (default)
range: 1 - 20 A ;
P15 Not currently implemented.
P16 Reset ODO. Press 201512215530139.jpgfor 5 seconds, ODO can be reset.
4. Presentation of the buttons:
Position of specific buttons as below:
Presentation of the button design
The operation of the buttons includes a short press, a long press and
Long press of the combined buttons.
Short press used in quick/frequent operations, such as:
Button design overview
Button operation includes short press, long press and
Long press of the combined buttons.
Short press used in quick/frequent operations, such as:
1 2015122151441186.jpg 2015122151447356.jpg While driving, press briefly to change
assist ratio/speed.
5.2 2015122151456114.jpgwhile driving, press briefly to switch the multifunctional
area to display the data.
Press and hold a single button to change the mode/status of the button.
Pressing the combination button (long press) is mainly used for the
setting, which could reduce the malfunction due to complicated operation.
(No combination buttons with short press, because they are too difficult
operate because they are easy to trigger by mistake).
Explain the specific operation:
1. Switch to the electric assistant/speed,
Assume that the current condition is the assist mode,
1) Briefly press 2015122151521161.jpgassistance + 1
2) Press and hold 2015122151526881.jpgassistance - 1
2. display of the gear change speed
Press 2015122151538334.jpglong to change the speed display mode
3. Press 2015122151549732.jpglong press, delete the trip
4. set/release cruise condition of 6 km/h, real time cruise, on/off light
When the electric bike stops, long press 2015122151655919.jpgyou can enter the
6KM/h cruise mode. When the electric bicycle is running, press and hold
press 2015122151612749.jpgyou can access the cruise mode in real time. If just
now that you're in cruise mode, the mode will be released.
Press briefly 2015122151622738.jpgto turn the light on/off.
5. Turn on/off the LCD screen
If the current display screen is working, press and hold 2015122151711752.jpgthe
the screen will be turned off, otherwise the screen will be turned on.
6. Switch to the multi-functional display version,
Briefly press 2015122151722656.jpgyou can move the value to multifunctional
display version.
7. setting
Press the 2015122151736472.jpg+ 2015122151742816.jpgand hold, enter the version of the parameter
setting, then you can configure the parameters below, wheel diameter
(unit: inch), magnet steel number, LCD brightness, undervoltage
(see settings: P01 - P14)
Under the defined interface, you can briefly press 2015122151758252.jpg or 201512215186733.jpg
to add or subtract the value, after changing the parameters, it will be
shine, after choosing the assumed value,
1) Press 2015122151818349.jpgbriefly to save the current value, the parameters will shine
will be stopped.
2) Press 2015122151827439.jpg+ 2015122151833454.jpgto save the setting, if you do not press it, it will be
save and exit automatically after 10 seconds to change the settings
Note: according to the upgrade of our products, there may be
differences between the product introduction and the products you received.
The differences would not affect your daily use.

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