Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

Our selection of the best accessories for electric bicycle

Want to convert your bike into an electric bike staff? You are looking for a reseller conversion kits? Power E-bike meets all your requirements and offers a wide range ofaccessories for electric bicycle.

Select the engine that matches you the most!

To convert your bike into an electric bike staff, Power E-bike offers different engine kits, among others:

• RH205S-180/280 max speed 35 Km / h: recommended engine for mountain biking, dominant pair

• RH205S-230/320 max 41 Km / h: performance of torque and speed dominant

• RH205S-280/380 max speed 48 Km / h: balance between torque and speed

• RH205S-330/420 max speed 54 Km / h: marked by its speed and torque allows to climb some ribs

• RH205S-350/480 max speed 58 Km / h: ultra-fast, this engine is perfect for long distance

Note that these drivers are compatible with 26P wheel 28P and 24V battery to 72 V! (See provided you do not exceed 2000w).

customize your bike with our different accessories!

Power E-bike sells nearly 30 quality accessories for your electric bike. Indeed, our conversion kits allow you to have an electric bike while keeping your personal bike: it's just the operation that changes.

Our accessories for electric bikes are varied, we offer include:

• Remanufactured engine for electric bike RH205S: This accessory allows you to change the engine of your electric bicycle contains nine rh205 by a different winding 6 × 10 to 10 × 6
• LCD for electric bike: This screen is only compatible with a controller having a dedicated outlet for this purpose
• Torque ARMS engine RH205: it is an accessory to enhance the fork beaks. This tool is especially necessary when the battery regeneration activation
• Accelerators SINGLE INCH: these are simple accessories to multi voltage dedicated specifically for electric bikes
• pedaling sensor: the sensor ensures a balance between the power delivered by the motor to the rotational speed of the pedal

We also offer the sale of several accessories for electric bicycle(On off switch, disassembles wheel free wheels 6 and 7 speed, 3 speed switch Brushless controller pair of brake levers, handlebar grips ...) ensuring the correct operation of your electric bicycle.

With our accessories, your bike is not only personal but also very power efficient!

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